Monday, March 4, 2013

Solo Grinding

The past couple of weekends have been all solo. Leaving only one track in the snow covered roads that I traveled. Now I know why I started hosting gravel grinders.  It gets kind of lonely out there only surrounded by the cold snow and your thoughts. 

Conditions have been trying at times which is one reason I have been riding solo.  Not too many enjoy this type of riding. On my rides I have yet to see another cyclist.  I did see one lady out on a run yesterday.  Made me feel good for a few minutes that I was not the only fool out in this mess.   The other reason is total lack of motivation.  I did get on the trainer twice but that was no fun at all. I now know why Christopher has given up on this cycling stuff this winter - it totally sucks.  

Winter has been long this year just like this icicle.  I am hoping old man winter will break its hold on us soon.  Otherwise I may have to start looking for a new place to call home. 

 The wind really cuts into you as it blows over the snow packed fields, which only adds to its strength.  During yesterday's ride I got so cold that I actually considered calling Carolynn and having her come pick me up.  Several miles of positive reinforcements worked enough to allow me to continue on.  I have had it with this cold ass weather and all this snow. This Florida native is officially done with winter.

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John Dotson said...

I understand completely my friend. After racing in Texas this past weekend, leaving 75* temps there, and coming back here to snow still on the ground, the wife and I have been discussing putting the house on the market and moving back to the Oklahoma City area. grandkids, and warm weather are calling our names.