Saturday, July 21, 2012

Win # 3 at Wyco

Christopher made it 3 wins in a row at this mornings round #7 of the UFD West series - Colavita Cross Country Challenge.  For his efforts he got a used cog w/chain and two packages of pasta.  He was a happy camper and appeared pleased with his effort.   

His form is coming along nicely.  I guess I can still do one thing correctly - call me Coach Locke.  I was actually a little worried when he opted to race the Haro Mary Single Speed at the Wyco trails.  It is a heavy beast, but handles very well.  I think he wanted to notch a win on her - she did take the win at the 1st Annual Bone Bender with this old man at the helm so I guess the old Mary still has it.

I took a little more than 225 photos.  Some good, some bad.  Link is below..

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