Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivation to Race

Christopher got a package in the mail on Saturday. Truman Lake Bikes, the promoters of the 2012 Missouri State Mountain Bike Championships, sent him his championship jersey.  Fits very well.  Thank you guys so much.  Can he add a cyclocross championship this year?  I think receiving the jersey gave him some motivation and he asked if he could use my new Ritchey Swiss Cross bike this year or buy him one also.  He may have to get an old better cross bike because this kid crashes way to much and I can not afford it

I have had a Go Pro for a couple of months, but have not use it yet.  Below is my first go at it.

Riding at Smithville with the Go Pro

We ventured out to ride Wyco this week.  A very well designed and maintained trail system by the Trail Masons .  At first I thought Christopher would not enjoy the trails because they are not rocky - he seems to like rocks and more technical trails.  I thinking training on a rigid single speed has caused him to appreciate nice flowing smooth single track :-)   Another benefit of Wyco is that not to may rides know about it and do not ride it.  That means we have all the trails to ourselves.  Well, us and a few of trail runners

 I think Christopher has been watching to much of the TdF. 

Today we meet up with Tige and Damian.  Neither have been to Wyco yet and both enjoyed the trails.  Above is what Christopher ended up with trying to keep up with full suspension bikes on a rigid single speed. 

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