Sunday, April 8, 2012

God's Country Photos and Results

God's Country was a success in my books. I saw a lot of new riders which is what I like to see. It was also good to see my friends out enjoying themselves. The trails looked really fun and I wish I was able to ride. Christopher did also, but he opted to not race so he could help out the team and make sure there was enough help.

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday and trusted me that when I said the trails were fine that I was telling the truth. I got 17 text messages over 20 missed phone calls asking me if the event was going to be postponed due to a little rain. Sorry I did not respond to all of them. Just no time with setting up the event.

I just wanted to send out a special Thank you to Art King, Tim Greene, Mabrey Wathen, David Wathen, Roger Harrison, Michael Mathews, Cynthia Twibell, Chris Love, Sean Gaulter, Tina & Shawna, Shirley A Lamb Emmert, Lisa and Ron Schnick, Frank Ferguson, Jeff Arnaud, Bob Tarne, Gerard Arantowicz, Carly Teater, Dan and Heather Jordan, Carolynn Locke , Christopher Locke, LMBC Trail Patrol, Midwest Mountain Bike Patrol, The Wheel Cyclery and Lawrence Mountain Bike Patrol for helping make yesterday's God's Country Mountain Bike Classic possible.

Results are up. Check out

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