Sunday, April 29, 2012

Behind the Eight Ball

Drains the Life out of you.....It took two weeks, but I have finally recovered enough from promoting 3 events to resume a normal life and training schedule.  It is amazing how event promotion just drains the life out of you.   It would not be as bad if you did not have to worry about the weather and trail conditions or have to answer the hundreds of emails about "is the event going to take place" or "it is raining at my house is it raining on the course", or "I am afraid to get wet".  I am glad that is over.

Behind the Eight Ball.....Saturday I ventured over to participate in Roger's Lanterne Rough 10K Time Trial. Earlier in the week I got my TT bike out and did some test rides.  I was happy that my position felt good and some short interval efforts resulted in some good times (15:10 & 15:26  for 10K repeats) especially considering I have not really done much interval training this year.  Most of my training has been OD/End type training as I was not expecting to race much this Spring.  My goal was close to 15 min and hopefully be around 14:50 or so if I had good legs.  Saturday morning was one of those days that I would just as soon forget.  Stomach problems on Thursday/Friday left me feeling very weak and not really wanting to ride let alone race.  But I wanted to go out and participate in the last Lanterne Rouge TT and support Roger.   Conditions were a bit windy and chilly prior to the race.  I wish I had brought my new long sleeve CX kit but thought it would be too warm for it.  I was wrong and did my best to keep warm and get ready for my 9:20 start time.   I rolled up to the start and got into position with Gerard holding me.  That was nice of Gerard to volunteer for the event helping out at both registration and as the designated holder.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I am off.  First mile went well I thought and I was pushing a big gear into the head wind.   Some rollers kicked in during the next two miles. Those combined with a strong wind really kicked my already tired butt.  I had to drop down several gears just to make it over the hills as I was just not producing any power today.  By the time I reached Roger at the turn-around I was done.  I could hear Roger yell "you have the wind now".   No amount of wind could help me on this day.  That was the longest 3 mile return back to the start ever.  I think I could have run back quicker.   A very disappointing 16:20 finishing time does not really reflect my current form.  I am "Behind the Eight Ball" as far as form goes, but I should have done much better.  

So little time to prepare.....One of my big goals in Triathlon was to make Team USA but my running form never allowed that.  However,  I was recently fortunate enough  to be selected to be on Team USA in the Male 45-49 division at the upcoming 2012 ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships.  One of the few things I have ever been o.k. at was riding off-road.  The bad part is I only have 3 more weeks to prepare.  As I mentioned before I was not really planning on racing much this Spring due to the events that I was promoting and my current work load at work.  If the event was going to be held in July/August, I would be much better prepared.  No use complaining however.   Time to get out there and train as hard has a can without over doing it.  That is the key for me - No Over Training.   Next weekend is the annual triathlon on the Fort Leavenworth base.  The bike course is really tough and will be a good test.  

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You may be behind the eight ball but at least you are on the table!