Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Team USA

I decided to go ahead and apply for the ITU 2012 World Cross Triathlon Championships last month. It was a very long shot considering that they only take 4 spots for each 5 year age-group.

Not many people know this, but triathlon was actually one of my original sports. I grew up racing Motocross, but injuries forced me to find something else to feed my competitive urges. I took up triathlon way back in 1988. I was actually very good age-grouper and even ha
d bike spits in the top 5 with the likes of Pro Mike Pigg. Of course most everyone ran twice as fast as I and I would end up being passed by 500 plus runners....

Yesterday I get the following in the mail....

Congratulations! You are being contacted because you have been
selected to receive a spot on Team USA for the 2012 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship. The 2012 World Championships are set to take place May 19, 2012 in Pelham, Alabama. For more information about the World Championships please visit the Team USA website (www.teamusatriathlon.org).

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