Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finding my Way

I have competed in a little over a dozen adventure races. When things worked out right and my team did not get lost we usually won. For example, when the Hi-tek Adventure Race Series was going on I teamed up with my Friends Joel Leffler and Scott Hayford and we took a hard fought win at the Oleta round in 1997. Another example Mike Classen and I (pictured above) in route to 1st place overall several years ago at the Smithville Adventure race. When things went wrong, like when we would get lost or a team mate thought he could ride a mountain bike, it turned into a very disappointing day.

Well I decided that I want to return to adventure racing and this time I am going to be prepared. My biggest weakness is navigation and when I noticed that the Johnson County was hosting a Map and Compass: Orienteering Workshop I signed Carolynn and myself up and invited several of my teammates that are also interested in getting into AR racing to join me. A good turnout including Tige Lamb and his son Griffin, Bob Tarne, Sean Gaulter, Chad Harvey, Carolynn and myself.

The Possum Trot Orienteering Club actually put on the class and did a great job. It is amazing how simple it actually is to use a baseplate compass an orienteering map, and control card to find your way. I knew about 1/2 what was taught this weekend, which is where my problem came in when I participated in adventure races that required a lot of navigation and the few orienteering meets that entered. As soon as the terrain got hard and I got lost. Well, after this weekends class I feel a lot more confident that I can now find my way......

Stay tuned for more info about our new adventure racing team....

Some photos:

Orienteering 101

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Anonymous said...

Adventure racing looks like fun, I have always wanted to give it a try. Nice seeing you the other day, great turnout for the Clinton race!