Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surgery update

Just a little update on my surgery. 6 weeks. This is the new updated minimum amount of time that I will be out of commission and wearing my new fancy Ultrasling III.

Friday I visited Dr. Rhoades for my 7 day followup. He checked me out and went over the surgery that they performed on me last Friday. Now I know why my shoulder is currently killing me. Turns out my shoulder was much worse than the MRI revealed and I ended up having a torn rotator cuff on top of the the other injuries. Dr. Rhoades had to reattach it with two screws, removing a piece of bone that caused the tear along with some calcium buildup. As some of you mentioned, the rotator cuff takes a long time to heal you have to wear a sling for 6 weeks. That is just the start. After that then rehab and gaining strength.

I asked about what I can do to stay in shape and my doctor gave me this advice "it is only 6 weeks, read a book..." Obviously this means I will have to rethink my 2011 season. The good thing is I will not come into the season over trained like I usually do :-)

Thank you to everyone who emailed/called wishing me good luck and a quick recovery.

Below are some pictures from my surgery. Enjoy.


Farneybuster said...

good luck and be patient with the rehab. you'll be suprised how fast you start healing after you get out of that sling. the worst part is the 6 weeks but its all downhill from there. makes for some good excuses to do crosstraining too.

Anonymous said...

As far as books go... maybe it's time to read the Millenium series (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, etc.). They're quite good. Plus, you can work on the 'chops'.

If it's anything like me, you'll be surprised how quickly that 6 weeks will pass. I often wish I had some of that down-time back right now.

Get well soon man!