Saturday, September 18, 2010

KC Cup Cyclocross Race Report

Today's KC Cup CX was the start my fall racing season. I think I should have stuck with my plan to hold off starting until October. Not the result that I was hoping for, but I was not really expecting much if the temps were hot. Unless it rained and we had ourselves a real cross race. Then I might have a chance. But the rain held off until after the races were over which I am very upset at :-(

Today's course featured a good bit of single track. You would think I would like this, but it kind of sucked when you got behind someone and basically had to follow them until the end. But on the other hand it allowed a good chance to recover some which is good. The top part of the course had a lot of twisty turns and a long section of road that had a gentle climb. Unlike the bastard of a climb at the start. That climb really hurt. One set of miniature barriers that you could ride over. Short barriers like that are actually dangerous (in my opinion) because it allows riders to try and bunny hop them. Plenty of crashes out there on the barriers and I witnessed Craig Piburn take a nice header. Luckily he was not seriously hurt. That was one of the better ones that I have seen Craig. Overall a good course that is unique to our local cross schedule.

My event....Where is the start? "Down the hill past the finish line" I finally found the start but I arrived a little late. Actually really late and lined up in the rear of the Cat 1/2/3 and Cat 3 fields. Not where you want to be with all that single track. We received our final instruction including the new rule on hand ups which with temps close to 90 (feel like temps were 96 degrees) we were going to need em. At this point I was just hoping for the approaching rain to cool things off, but those showers never came until several hours later. I am watching the radar as I write this and Swope is getting some good showers - looks like a muddy MTB race tomorrow.

I settled into my current race pace after a poor start and did my best to stay in contact with the front group. The long road section did me in after only the second lap. I suffered every lap on that section. The heat was also a big factor. I personally vote to have cross season officially start in October. Who is with me????

I did not stay around to see what I got. Most likely around mid-pack. Lots of work to do over the next several months. The good thing is I have plenty of room for improvements. I plan to stick closely to Mark's training plan when I can train and with any luck my form will improve.

Update: Results are final in for the KC Cup Cross race. Earn 6th on the day out of 24 which is better than I thought. KC-Cup-CX Results

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sc said...

That was a fun race, can't wait for more. Don't forget, Mainon's cross is this Sunday.

btw... Bone Bender was one of my favorite race's this year. thanks!