Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 Rapture in Misery Race Report

Another Rapture in Misery in the books. I have done every RIM that has been held. It all started back in Weston on the "Ski Hill". Damn that was a fun course that was hard as hell. That first 12 hour solo event was very hard and I was happy be on top of the podium. Back then the event was a 12/24 hour event. Well, they tried to make it a 24 hours - some violent weather rolled in on that night and they called the race at Midnight. I still remember that night lap in the mud. Fun times for sure....

Then RIM was moved to Blue Springs. The Landahl events were all very fun and usually put an end to the MTB season. Several more class wins and podium finishes were earned in subsequent years. I was also on the overall winning team for two years and won two fastest night laps (also tied one year for the fastest night lap). Yea I liked the event when it was held in early Fall. Some fun times.

Last year RIM moved to Crowder State Park and Doug Long took over the event. Both years the event was held in August and hot as hell. I vote we move RIM back to September. Who is with me?? Participation numbers were down this year especially in the 12 hour divisions. I personally think it was the heat/weather and why I advocate having endurance events in the early spring or early fall. But that is me, I could be wrong.

Last year my stomach stopped working on me during the 12 hour solo race - yea heat and me do not like each other. I have decided no more hot solo events for me during the heat of the day. This old man just can not take it anymore. This year I teamed up with Gearad and Jenny Brack (Two Bull's and a Diva) in the Co-ed 12 Hour Division. A proven team with Gearard just finishing another Wilderness 101 last week and Jenny being very strong rider.

Cow Town had several several teams in both the 6 hour and 12 hour divisions. We all did good with one 1st and two 2nd's on the team. Tim Greene enjoyed 6hours in the solo division and had a solid event with a 9th place finish in the 40+ solo division

The Two Bull's and a Diva team of earned a win (we were the only team in the class :-)). We still had fun and enjoyed the event. I rode steady laps and really put no pressure on myself and just wanted to get through the day without getting sick from the heat. Mission accomplished. I was feeling good on my night lap and tried to go for the fastest time of the day. I had it for awhile but Craig Stoeltzing ended up with the award. Pace was good, but I needed to attack the climbs and ended up with a 54 min time. I believe Craig posted a time in the 51 range. My pacing during the first 1/2 of the course was not a good strategy :-)

Here are is the 2010 RIM Photo's that Carolynn took.

Results are up 2010 RIM Results

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