Thursday, September 17, 2009

Redman Ready or Not?

The time for the Redman has arrived. I have put in a lot of training for this Ironman. Maybe too much. The last eight weeks have been a roller coaster for me. Most of the time I have been trying to play catchup after developing my IT Band injury back in June. Add to that the fact that it is just plan hard (and stupid) to try and build up your fitness to a high enough level to complete an Ironman distance event in less that 100 days. Do I wish I had more time to prepare? Heck yea. Especially my running. Swim and bike are good, but that 26.2 looks like it might be a little painful with my injury flaring back up.

The 5th Annual Redman has an event for just about everyone - Full Ironman, Full Aquabike, Half Ironman, Half Aquabike, Olympic, sprint and Relay teams. This years event is also home to the USAT Long Course Championships and the USAT Club National Championships. I have heard some great things about these very popular events and look forward to participating to the best of my ability. The Aquabike looks like a good option for me right now :-)

There are lots of local athletes heading down to race and I wish everyone luck. You can keep track of everyone Live thanks to UltaMax. Click on the picture on the right for track everyone's progress. My race number is 2027 if are interested in keeping up with me.

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