Saturday, April 25, 2009

God's Country Race Results and Report

Here is a quick report and the results.

I am glad today is over. It has been a long month so far. Never again will I promote two event back to back. I am one tired puppy. My entire body ached last night, but I somehow got enough energy to get through today and also race myself.

I got to the line late because I was making sure Rich and everyone at scoring was set. By the time I got there I was at the end of 120 others. That is not the best way to start an event. I ended up passing over 110 riders and worked my way into the top 10. Took 2nd place in the 40 - 49 division which was good enough to earn me the championship in the Fat Tire Series.

Thank you to everyone who helped out. Special thanks to my wife Carolynn who busted her butt for two straight days and my son Christopher. I was really proud of how he helped me yesterday and today at the race. He said his back, arms and legs were really sore and wanted to know what that that was from. I said "that is called work son, hard ass work".

Thank you to all the racers who came out this year. I really appreciated it. Over 150 which is not bad considering that there were two very large events going on in Lawrence today.

Here are some pictures Carolynn and I took of God' Country Duathlon and MTB

Here are some more great photos from Roger's House of Photos.

God’s Country Duathlon and MTB

Top results below, with the complete results on Sunday.

Duathlon Results

Male Overall Title Tony Raboin 1:14:15

Female Overal Title – Karen Borgstedt 1:26:45

Best Overall Title (Duathlon and MTB)

Male – Josh Patterson

Female – Glenda Taylor

Male 20 – 29

  1. Josh Patterson
  2. Marcus Skala
  3. John Waller

Male 30-39

  1. Tony Raboin
  2. Anthony Sherman
  3. Ted Moore

Male 40-49

  1. Rich Lueckert
  2. Chris Locke
  3. Kent Baker

Male 50+

  1. Mike Classen
  2. David Mathews
  3. Jerry Meier


  1. Chad Wilkins

Female 20 – 29

  1. Malarie Fellers
  2. Kayla Davis
  3. Molly Alvarez

Female 30 – 39

  1. Angela Redfern
  2. Emily Pastrovich
  3. Vicki Peters

Female 40 – 49

  1. Karen Borgstedt
  2. Wanda Simchuck
  3. Stacey Lamer

Female 50+

  1. Glenda Taylor

Male Relay

  1. Matt Mellor and Ryan Turner

Coed Relay

1. Gerard Arnatowicz and Jessica Hill

Mountain Bike Results

Expert Men

  1. Aaron Elwell
  2. Tom Price
  3. Doug Plummer
  4. Eric Struckoff
  5. Eric Burch

Expert/Sport Women

  1. Jenny Brack
  2. Glenda Taylor
  3. Emily Postrovich

Sport Men

  1. Scott Stevens
  2. Gerard Hart
  3. JP Bracket

Single Speed

  1. Dave Wilson
  2. Telford Crisco
  3. Jeff Arnaud

Master 40+

  1. Craig Myers Arnet
  2. Dave Pitt
  3. Mike Classen

Beginner Male

  1. Adam Keck
  2. Dave Randel

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Jackie said...

40 - 49 category? Good grief, I didn't realize you were really that old. Well, good job old man :) BTW, how much longer do you think you have before a hip replacement is needed? (just joking...luv ya)