Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maxxis Tubeless System

One of my teams sponsors is Maxxis Tires. They have a very cool product that allows you to convert a standard mountain bike rim to a tubeless system - Maxxis Tubeless system

I have used these trips for the past year with great success. Christopher ran them last year during the Midwest Fat Series and trained on them all year with no flats. Now I have the entire family running them.

They work great and install very easily if you use the right technique. Some riders I know have had some issues mounting their tires using the strips, but if you follow how 'The Master' does it you will be tubeless in about 30 min and for only $5.00 a wheel.

What you need to complete the job: Bucket of warm soapy water, two tire irons, a TS Rim strip for your size rim, a UST tire (preferably Maxxis :-)) and a set of strong hands.

Step 1: Begin removing the old rim strip from your rim. I have tried mounting the rim strips with leaving the old rim strip on in case I ever got a flat and had to remove the rim strip, but it works much better if you take it off.

Step 2: Clean the rim, rim strip and tire with the soapy water. Don't be afraid to use some soap. You want some suds so it is 'slippery when wet'.

Step 3: Now it is time to mount the rim strip on your rim. Apply some more soap and mount the rim strip valve stem first. Gently work the rim strip on by slowly working around the rim. Make sure the strip goes down into the groves of the rim.

Step 3A: Make sure the lip of the rim strip goes over the edge of the rim. This is a key step. If the lip is not over the edge the tires will not be able to form a good seal against the rim strip.

Step 4: Now it is time to mount your tire. Get that soapy water out because you will net it the most now. You must be careful to keep the rim strip lip over the edge of the rim while mounting the tire. Be patient and slowly work the tire on. Since the fit will be tight, you may have to work the rim strip back on in some places once you get the first side of the tire on. I usually put on some more soapy water at this point and slowly work the rest of the tire on.

Step 5: Hard work is done now. Do one final check to make sure the rim strip is over the lip of the rim. Time to air her up. I use an air compressor, but have also used a floor pump. The good thing about these rim strips is it is rubber against rubber and they inflate very easily. I usually inflate to 40 to 50 psi to make sure they bead has seated and then reduce the pressure to 28 - 35 psi depending on course conditions.


Bart said...

Will the Maxxis strip work on any rim, or do you need to take some measurements off your rim to make sure?

Chris Locke said...

Maxxis did make 5 different sizes based on the size of your rime.

Check out:

Looks like only the 26A5 is available for now. I am going to check with Maxxis to see what the status on the other sizes.