Friday, August 1, 2014

A Visit to Wilson Lake

After 11 years of Gerard telling me I need to go to Wilson Lake, the family finally took a trip there.  My God, what took me so long?  It is true what they say about this place - unlike anywhere else in Kansas.   At times I felt like I was in Colorado only without the high altitude.
Some great views in and around Wilson Lake.  The water was very refreshing especially when the temps got close to 100 degrees which they did regularly on this trip.
Carolynn's Dad let us borrow his travel trailer.   The A/C unit during those long hot afternoons was very much appreciated.  For $19.00 a day we got to run that A/C on High Cool - worth every penny of it.
Christopher and I got in several good rides.  Carolynn was not able to keep up due to the heat and opted to stick to the "Birdy Loop"

During a quick break Christopher decided to take a seat.  He felt some pain and quickly got up.
Turns out Kansas has Cactus with some nice thorns on them.  When I went to pull them out it was like pulling a tooth pick out of raw meat.  They left a couple of nice size holes in his butt. 
No mountains to climb out at Wilson, but there were plenty of smaller climbs.  After a lap of Wilson Lake you felt like you climbed a mountain.

The views and trails were awesome.  I was able to clear most of the technical sections.  The Rock Garden sections on the Golden Loop Trail were just crazy.  I walked those.  Christopher cleared every one of them to my amazement.  To be 18 years old again.....I enjoyed the Hell Creek and Marina loop the most.
Hygiene is important, especially when living in such close quarters such that a travel trailer affords. Carolynn demonstrates some outdoor hygiene action.
Christopher believed that hot afternoons were most enjoyed taking a nap.  He  took several on this trip and reaped the full benefits of that cool A/C.
Fishing is very popular at Wilson.  Christopher had a nice spot picked out to go fishing.  He has yet to catch a fish in Kansas.  In Florida and Missouri he catches fish all day long.  What is up with that?
There are about 22 miles of trails at Wilson.  Well worth the trip and offer plenty adventure.  We will be back for sure.
I was thankful that Bob let us use his travel trailer, but in the end we found out that living in a travel trailer for a week was not for us.  It was fun, but I think we will stick to just getting a hotel or one of those nice cabins.  Wislon Lake had several cabins that back right up to the trail system. 

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