Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Ride in the Park

After a  short break from riding our dirt bikes we ventured down to Drexel, MO for the annual Race in the Park Hare Scrambles.  For me this year it was just a Ride in the Park.  The event now in its 6th year and continues to grow. The city really gets behind this event and the riders support as well including the juniors.  Chuck Martin and his crew do a great job.

It was good to get back to the hare scramble events, talk with my old Senior class friends and get a good ride in.  I had no ambitions today other than to ride my bike. After a less than stellar start to the year I have decided to put racing off-road dirt bikes on hold.  Not feeling the mojo racing this year but I still enjoy riding.  With limited riding areas the only time to ride is at the events.
Nice safe start at this event - Thank you very much Chuck for that.  I rolled off the line and settled in outside the top 5. 
Christopher settled into a mid-pack start.  This was his first time riding his bike after a couple of months off where he spent some time down in Florida with my brother.
Jason and Karry Schupp made the trip to Drexel with us today.  He has been doing very well as of late despite having some hand problems - possible carpal tunnel. A hand full of throttle at the start got Jason towards the front of the pack.
I always like the shotgun starts.  There is just something about a girl in shorts with a shotgun.....
All kinds of country folk come out for the annual Race in the Park and to celebrate our Independence day.  These guys really rock their bib overalls.
The Drexel course had a crowd entertaining Endurocross section.  Following this section was the creek jump.  I will look for some pictures of that as Carolynn did not get any of that section.
Jason flew to a 5th place finish on the day.  A solid result on the day.  He seemed to enjoy the high speed sections of the course.  I think that 450 cc engine had something to do with it.

Christopher handled his first event back well.  He finished up 5 laps and handled the course with ease.
I enjoyed riding again today and most of my event was uneventful and fun.  A few times I had to stop and wait for fallen or stuck riders on the wet slick rocky sections or in one of the mud holes. Most of the course was fast and easy like the above picture but there were plenty of sections that were muddy.  The rocky creek sections almost always had a downed rider especially the little junior guys/gals. One  negative event during the race.  While I was waiting for this junior rider to get assistance on a rocky climb out of the creek bed, of which there was only one good safe line, this riders decides to take us all out and attempts to pass everyone waiting.  He hits us all and tagged me really hard.  This pissed me off and I aggressively prevented him from getting by. I finally let him by after the finish when it was safe. 
 I can be very aggressive when I want but I am not going to run over a junior rider just to better my place.  I attended today's event to just ride, but I do realize that some riders only care about winning and have no regard for safety.  Maybe I am getting too old for racing.  When you mainly think about arriving alive it my be time to hang it up.  I will have to rethink my plan of just riding in these races.  Is it fair to the other racers?  Maybe just do the practice laps to get in some riding and then just watch Christopher participate. 

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