Sunday, June 2, 2013

KCCC Bike Race

It has been 12 years since I last participated in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge.  I was working for Bank Midwest has an Telecom Technician - a new career for me at the time. The bike race back then was held at Arrow Head stadium.  I think the race back then was something like 2.2 miles. It was very short as is this years.

For the past 12 years I have been a member of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. During that time I kept requesting that we join the KCCC and repeatably got turned down. This year things changed and it was decided that we would join in the fun of the games.  I signed up for the Bike Race and the Triathlon.  I wanted to do a few other events like Soft Ball but with my wrist still healing up I decided to stick to individual sports that I am accustomed to.

Thursday was the Bike Race.  We got to race at the Kansas Speed Way.  The KCCC Bike race is the largest bike race in our area with 1065 participants.  As you can see by the picture above (Thank you Pete for the photo)  I am not a perty sight on the bike but I was slightly effective posting a 6:45 time for the 3 mile effort.  With that short of an effort I did not want to blow up so I took it conservative the fist lap and then whet full gas on the second.  I left about 15 to 20 seconds out there due to my pacing plan.  I felt good at the finish and knew I had went out too slow on that first lap.  Still good enough for 1st place Division D points. I finished 6th out of 67 overall in the 45 - 49 division.  Could have most likely finished on the podium if I would have went full gas from the start but that is the race plan I followed and sometimes race plans do not pan out as expected.

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