Monday, January 21, 2013

MTB Winter Training Camp

The family took a short trip south this weekend for our annual winter "MTB Winter Training Camp".   Not  many better places around here to ride than Arkansas, especially in the winter.
Christopher just picked up a new Giant Anthem X29 from The Wheel Cyclery.  He has abused my old Anthem 26er for the past year and it was time for him to get his own rig.  He absolutely loved it which was painful for me.  I honestly could not keep up with him on the up hills and when things got really technical. 
He wasted no time in testing to see if it would hold up to his abuse.  He hit every drop off Slaughter Pen had to offer.  Me, I took the Sally line most of the time around these drop offs.  It is very funny to him that I will not ride off and/or jump my bicycle, but will jump just about anything or drop down near vertical wall on my motorcycle.  I do not understand it either.  All I can say is I feel in control on a motorcycle.
Saturday was spent riding Slaughter Pen.  We got in several hours of great training for our first big MTB test of 2013 -  The Ouachita Challenge. 

At the suggestion of my friend Tim Greene, we headed to the Blowing Springs Mountain Bike Trails on Sunday.   What a great trail system.  The trail has great views and a wide variety of terrain.  Carolynn had a blast and rode well the entire weekend.  We might have to sign her up for the OC instead of having her work the sag crew. 
If you are ever down in Bella Vista, AR, be sure to hit the Blowing Springs trails.  We plan to ride them again in April on the way down to Oden.  Here is the complete Slaughter Pen and Blowing Springs photo album.

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