Monday, December 31, 2012

Grote Prijs Report

Christopher and I headed over to the Grote Prijs yesterday.  One of the oldest, most well established events on our local calendar.  Held at Herman Lard Park in Shawnee which is a good venue for a cross race.  I still remember helping get the ole Grote Prijs started years ago with Mark Thomas.  I will have to ask him what year that was.  Being held in late December or early January every year you never know what kind of weather you can get. Several  years ago we had some snow as you can see below. 
I thought today was the first time we ever raced together at the same time in a cyclocross race, but I was incorrect.  Back in early 2000 we raced the Missouri State Cyclocross championships in Columbia. 

Back to present day.  I was on the single speed and we started before the Men's Cat 4.  I was actually worried that Christopher may catch up to me.  I tried to stay with Britton Kusiak and Wesley Boyce on the first lap, but those guys just have too much horsepower on this old man.
Christopher made the move up from Juniors to the Men's Cat 4 division.  He got off to a great start and was toward the front of the field on Sunday.  I told him not to go out so hard that he blew up after the first lap.  I wanted him to build on each lap and actually get stronger. 
I told Christopher if he caught me that I would buy him that new Giant 29er that he wanted. It was fun seeing him out there trying to catch me.  He actually did close the gap on the first lap, but then I could see he faded a bit.

 It was a good day for a cross race.  Temps in the 40's and a course with some muddy spots.  I found some good lines on the outside of the slick corners.  After last weeks crash I was a little timid in the corners but still was able to make up time. 
At times Christopher really looked good and pushed the pace.  If he listens to his coach and gets on a consistent training program he could do really well in cross.
In the end Christopher ended up with a top 10 placing which was our goal going in.  I placed 5th and had a good battle with Gregory Ruark for 4th but he was the stronger man on the day.

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Mark Thomas said...


The first Grote Prijs Shawnee was an underground race to 'tune-up' for Masters Worlds, either 2005 or 2006. The following year we added it to the calendar as an official race. You worked a lot of the design elements into the course design that we still use today. We were more compressed the first year (we could'nt use the "Old Town" itself"). You helped kick off a classic.