Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Return to Cyclocross?

 It has been 3 long years since Christopher raced his last cyclocross race.  This weekend he participated in the 360 Cup - Saturday's version.  Course looked good and the 360 crew did a great job setting up the venue.  Christopher enjoyed the course and he loved the new Ritchey Swiss Cross.

A quick look back.  Christopher used to race a lot, especially cyclocross.  He liked it, but then fell victim to a present my mom bought him - damn Xbox.  One of the worst mistakes I ever made was to allow him to start playing that thing.  As we all know, you can not do anything about the past but learn from it.

Fast forward three long years and my once little boy is now taller than I.  He has again taken interest in racing cyclocross to go along with mountain biking.  Where will it take him/us?   Who knows.  We do know that we plan to attend a few more local events.  Christopher also has an aim at the State championships in December.   If he can make some time for training after his school work then he will be right up there for a spot on the podium.  He has all kinds of room for improvement but with just a few rides shows some promise. 

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