Friday, June 1, 2012

Starting Over with Passion

This past weekend we hit the restart button. I had just about given up on competitive events after my latest results.  I just did not have the passion and drive to suffer to achieve the results that I excepted of myself.  Christopher quit racing several years ago mainly due burnout and a lack of passion for what he was doing also.  He really did not enjoy riding and was only doing it because his parents rode.  Some parents would try and push their kids to participate in sports, but I did not.  I did not want force him into anything.  I told him that if he ever wanted to race or participate in any sport/endeavor that we would be there for him for support.   My only requirement was he do it because he wanted to. 

Christopher's return to XC racing in the Robidoux Roundup was a successful one.  He took 1st place in the Junior 15 - 18 class despite another nasty crash.  If he does continue racing I have a feeling it is going to cost Carolynn and I a small fortune.  The kid has crashed the past 6 rides but just gets back up smiling.  That is a good thing.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the 2012 ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships.  I say participate because I damn sure did not race it.  At least I do not feel like I did.  Sure I had dreams of standing on the podium at Worlds, but that did not happen.  What did happen is I got 14th with an effort that I would just as soon forget.  Looking back I just did not give it a true effort.  Why would I go to a race and not give it 100% you ask?  Most likely a lack of focus.  A lot of things have happened to me the past couple of months, especially the past two weeks.  When I look back I most likely should have withdrawn from the event.  I knew going in my mind and heart was just not in it.  Carolynn said we should go anyways and just enjoy a few days by ourselves and enjoy riding some new trail.   We did achieve that goal so I guess it was a success.

Bad performances are o.k., you learn from them.What I have learned yet again is that if you are going to do something do it with passion. 

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