Saturday, February 18, 2012

The "Mullet" Gravel Grinder

I headed down to Baldwin City for Gerard's annual Mullet Ride today. This was my last gravel grinder before the big CIRREM event next weekend.

Originally I had planned to complete 2 laps for 50 miles, put in a hard effort and test the legs. However things changed yesterday when Christopher came up to me out of the blue and said he wanted to go riding to start his training for the Ouachita Challenge. I took for an easy 22 miler and he enjoyed enough that he said he wanted to go ride the Mullet today. Come this morning with temperatures about 30 degrees colder than yesterday he mysteriously comes down with a sore throat after he discovers the ride temps. I guess Christopher is just one of the fair weather riders....

A fun ride and at time painful ride. The TRI2ride with us group were on hand and those guys just hammered it (and this was their second lap having already completed one lap with Tim Greene earlier). My form is not where I want to be so I will have to modify my planned race pace for CIRREM and see if I can get another top 10 finish like I did two years ago. Riding within my current limits will be very important

Pictures from the day:

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