Sunday, December 25, 2011


I found the following while cleaning up during xmas break. I was looking at some old photo albums and came upon an envelope with this poem. I wrote this about 20 years ago when I finally realized that my dream of becoming a professional motocross racer was never going to happen. My little brother John had just gotten injured and while I tried to ride and race again I knew deep down inside that it was over. My DREAM was over and part of me died.

The good news is I got an A+ and won First place in the Poetry contest that I later entered with it :-)


Fill the air with your dreams
Let the world know who you are
You are your dreams
What am I?

Everyday I wait for my dreams
Everyday I work for my dreams
I am a dreamer

Dreams fill my sail
They fill me with inspiration
They give me energy
I must have my dreams

My dream in not true yet
One day it makes me want to live
The next day I want to die
Damn a dream Damn a dream

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