Monday, August 1, 2011

Remembering John.....


If There Are Roses In Heaven
Will You Send One Just For Me
So I Can Hold It Close To My Heart
Where You Will Always Be
I Will Lay It On My Pillow Each Night
As The Angels Tuck Me In
I Will Know That You Are Near Me
And Feel Your Presence Once Again
I Am Thankful For All The Years
You Were There To Help Me Through
I Will Always Remember “My Little Brother”
Whose Love Was Honest And True!

In Loving Memory Of John J. Locke

Life has never been the same since you got injured. Part of me died that summers night so many years ago. I can still remember all the fun times we had - like they were yesterday. Vivid memories that can be a blessing and yet a curse at the same time.
3 years ago you left us going to hopefully a peaceful place. One day I will join you and be at peace with myself.

A few pictures from the past....


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Diana Martin said...

Wow, not sure how I ended up on this page but what a coincidence that I did.. Although it has been over 20 years ago that the Locke family was a part of my life, reading this brought tears to my eyes.. Yes absoutly beautiful.... Chris there is no surprise that you are doing amazing things in your life.. In loving memory of John, Best wishes, Diana