Monday, November 2, 2009

Tug Uglies Take the Title

This weekend was the annual Stowers Institute family picnic. The last two years the event was held at Worlds of Fun, but this year the event was moved to the Faulkner Pumpkin Farm and Ranch. A very cool place to have a large party or such.....Christopher had a great time. At first I thought he would not want to go, but in the end we couldn't even get him to leave. He had a ball on the 4 wheel pedal vehicles.....Speaking of little Christopher, check out the photo from Saturday. He is officially taller than his mother now. And darn proud of it.

Highlight of the pinic was the Tug-A-War competition. The IT group at Stowers formed the six man team called the "Tug Uglies". After a week of training and studying video we were ready for Saturday's big show down. Luckily we got a first round bye as the number one seed in the competition. When it came down to our first pull I was actually very surprised at how hard it was. As you can see be the below video's, I am not too graceful on my feet, but I do get the job done. End result was a big win by the Tug Uglies. For trophies we got 2 lb hand weights and a sweet gift card from Target. Second place got a protein powder and power bars for their award.

The Tug Uglies in action:


Jackie said...

You are officially the world's biggest trained and studied for tug of war?!?!?!?!

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Congratulations on another win, but I agree with Jackie. N.E.R.D.

Jackie said...

ROTFL...oh, wait. I keep forgetting that I'm dealing with an old man who doesn't know the lingo. Chris, my dear old (oh, I mean, "older") brother, ROTFL means "rolling on the floor laughing" :)

P.S., I wouldn't make fun of you if I didn't adore you.