Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Kansas City Cyclocross Update #1

59 days. That is how long we have to wait until the wacky world of cyclocross starts around here. The Bearcat Cross over in Hermann starts things off this year. Things kick off here in Kansas City big time with the start of the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series . First round will be the very popular Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challange. My good friend Tige Lamb is again hosting this fine event with help from his Cow Town team and this guy.

Breaking news!!! For round # 2 things move to a new location. The great City of Independence, home of Harry S. Truman, will host its first cyclocross race on October 11, 2009. After months of hard work by myself, Richard, Ashly and Matthew of the Independence parks department, we finally got approval to use this sweet new park. Rich is busy working on designing a course. Oh, did I mention that Richard Anderson is taking over the famous Chris Cross event. I have kind of a theme going here. First two events and I am not the race director. Sounds good to me.

More info on the series, some training clinics and following rounds, including the return of an event at E.H. Young Riverfront Park in Riverside, MO after we address one important issue. Someone has to help put on these events. Since I am not taking on has much responsibility this year in the De Stad Series (mentally exhausted), there is a great need for volunteers to make this series continue. So far, only 4 people have signed up to volunteer and help make these fine event happen. Please consider signing up to volunteer for one of the many volunteer positions available. Heather, Tige, Richard and Roger need the help believe me :-)......The form can be found at Here or below


Jackie said...

OMG! Now I'm jealous. Truman is my favorite president of all time. I've read books and written papers ("A" papers, by the way) about him. UGH!! I'm going to say something I never thought I would say, but, I wish I could go to that race with you. Oh well. Have fun and best of luck! Give the wife and kid my love. You get no love, only good wishes :)

Chris Locke said...

Well get your arse up here for that weekend. We have plenty of room for you to stay. Heck, you might even like KC.

I might even let you volunteer at the event.....

Jackie said...

Okay, I came very close to peeing in my pants I was laughing so hard...did you say "arse"? I love it!!!

You know I just might take you up on that offer. Let me know when that snake of Christopher's is dead and I'll have my proverbial arse up there in a NY minute. LMAO. Dude you are hilarious! You just went up a space in my book of favorite people :)