Saturday, July 19, 2008

Knowing When to Stop

I was all pumped to race this weekends Shawnee Mission 3/6 Hour with Tige Lamb. We were going to race the 6 hour Duo open class. After Wednesday's training ride out at Shawnee Mission I felt good, but the next day not so good.....

The past couple of weeks I have been getting symptoms of my Colitis coming back. I have been off medication for about 6 months and everything has been o.k., but I think I may have again done to much. With work, classes, getting ready for this years De Stad series, training, racing and a very long "honey do" list I have done what I always seem to do. Go too far and put my health at risk.

This morning I decided that if I had any blood that I would not race. Well, I had plenty and decided to call Tige and let him know that I was not going to race and it was time for me to take a break for racing. Especially in this heat. Tige was cool about it and decided to race the 3 hour solo class.

Carolynn & I went out to the race to hand out flyers for the upcoming De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series and hang out with the members of Cow Town Cycling. We took some pictures on the first lap and then it was time for me to go has I was getting a little sick to my stomach and feeling very weak.

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jdstamp said...

Hope that you start feeling better soon!