Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hospital Hill 1/2 Marathon

Carolynn and I headed down to watch some of our friends in the Hospital Hill 1/2 Marathon race today. It was our first ride on the tandem in quite awhile and we really enjoyed ourselves. Headwind to Crown Center sucked, but it made for a fast ride home.

The overall male winner Matthew Chesang was flying and finished the hilly course in 1:06:28. The female winner Genoveva Kigen was not far behind in 1:17:52. It looks like a couple of thousand people were racing and they had awards for them all.

Some of our friends in action and their finishing times. Congratulations to all. Vickie Lamb - 2:16:23, George Gille - 2:29:28, Kamian Gille - 2:29:28, Sharon Schneider - 3:00:57, Betsy Halstead (Back and Body Works) - 3:09:26

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